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e-Health Insider Document Library (a very useful resource for accessing documents by and about NPfIT)

Health Informatics community web-site (a large document repository)

Announcement of the launch of UK's National Health Informatics Collection - consisting of over 1,000 global titles and conference papers

Streamed video of lecture "Connecting Patients, Providers and Educators" by John D. Halamka, of Harvard Medical School (2005).

NHS: The Real Story - a page providing links to Computing Magazine's coverage of NPfIT from April 2002 to April 2005

NHS IT - transcript of BBC File-on-Four radio documentary, 30 May 2006

NHS Confidentiality - a campaigning web-site: "Protect your privacy and campaign against the government's NHS Care Records"

Patient safety - website of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Patient Safety.

Bad Health Informatics Can Kill -"ICT can have positive impact on health care, but there are also examples on negative impact of ICT on efficiency and even outcome quality of patient care. Medical informaticians should feel responsble for the effects of ICT on patients and public. Systematic analysis of ICT errors and failures is the precondition to be able to learn from negative examples and to design better health information systems. This document contains summaries of a number of reported incidents in healthcare where ICT was the cause or a significant factor. For each incident or problem at least one link to a source will be provided. With the following list, we want to rise awareness on this important issue, and provide information for further reading" [Working Group for Assessment of Health Information Systems of the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI)]

Yasnoff on e-Health - an informative blog by Wiliam Yasnoff on issues to do with (mainly American) Health Information Systems.

The Big Opt Out - "Protect your privacy and campaign to preserve medical confidentiality"

openEHR - "an international not-for-profit Foundation, working towards: Making the interoperable, life-long electronic health record a reality; Improving health care in the information society . . . by developing open specifications, open-source software and knowledge resources; Engaging in clinical implementation projects; Participating in international standards development. . "

Our work for the NHS - by the Big Wheel Theatre Company. (Big Wheel is a major provider of training programmes and conference interventions for the NHS and associated institutions. most recently one on "Connecting for Health: Ethical issues relating to children".)

Tony Collins' IT Projects Blog - "Against the Current: Exploring challenges involved in IT-based projects"

NHS Blog Doctor - "A candid look at health care." (Winner of Medgadget Blog Awards for Best Medical Weblog, Best Literary Medical Weblog and Best Health Policies/Ethics Medical Weblog.)

Down at the EPR Arms - Sean Brennan's monthly column on Electronic Patient Records from the British Journal of Healthcare Computing & Information Management.

CareGrid: Trust Domains for Healthcare - "a collaborative project between research groups at Imperial College London and The University of Cambridge. The aim of the project is to develop middleware for supporting decisions based on trust, privacy, security and context models in a healthcare application domain."

E-Health Forum - of the Australian Medical Association, Canberra, December 2005. ("The aim of the Forum was to raise the level of debate on E-Health beyond specific projects, pilots, activities or specific standards to one that focused on connectivity as the foundation for progress on E-Health, how the agreed 'vision' might or should be financed and health sector and industry partnerships as the wave of the future to make the connected clinician a reality.")

EUROREC Institute - "an independent not-for-profit organisation, promoting in Europe the use of high quality Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs). One of its main missions is to support, as the European authorised certification body, EHRs certification development, testing and assessment by defining functional and other criteria."

Opting out of the NHS Database - website of Dr Neil Bhatia, GP and Caldicott Guardian for the Oaklands Practice

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